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sinclair zx spectrum & clones

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CPCNG project

An eZ80 based clone of Amstrad CPC. Bears many similarities to the SPRINTER, although many more hardware functions are supposed to be integrated into the FPGA. Unfortunatelly the project seems to have stalled.
Commodore One
Another project of major update of classic hardware, the ATX mainboard just reached production stage an is available to order. Based on a 25 MHz version of the 6502 processor, interfaces with most of the current commodity components like IDE drives or PCI cards, although it lacks the level of support comparable with Sprinter. 
Art Studio
The ultimate graphics package on Speccy. Comes in many flavors and fixes for all those different Speccys (48K, +128, +2, +3...), drivers for all kinds of disk controllers, input devices as well as printers. 
One of the most advanced databases on Speccy. Offers nice user interface to freely configurable databases as well as basic functions expected from this kind of software.
What you need in order to be able to use the computer and what peripherals connect to it.
Unexpanded ZX Spectrum:
A TV set (connects to the aerial) for display, a standard tape recorder for loading and saving software (a tape counter is very usefull). 
Third party add-ons:
lYou need a special interface for connecting joysticks (usually Kempston interface).
Several HW/SW solutions are available for connecting floppy drives and even IDE hard drives or CD-ROMs.
There are couple of sound enhancements available as well, mostly based on the Yamaha AY chips.
Although most users live happily witha a TV set, video output adaptors are also known to exist.
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The Old Computers Museum

 fact file

Year: 1979
Tech stuff: Processor Z80/3.25 MHz, RAM 1 KB (max. 16 KB), display monochrome 24x32 chars

Year: 1981
Tech stuff:
Processor Z80/3.5 MHz, RAM 1 KB (max 64 KB),  display monochrome 24x32 chars

Year: 1984
Tech stuff:
Processor Z80/3.5 MHz, RAM 16/48/128 KB, graphics 256x192/8 colours, 32x22 chars display
Optional add-ons:
Interface 1 – allows connecting up to 8 Microdrives
Microdrive – a proprietary looped tape cartiridge drive (with cartiridge cpacity of about 90 KB)
Interface 2 – gives a ROM cartridge slot and two joystick connectors
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Sprinter - The Multiform Computer
The ultimate ZX Spectrum of today: comes as an AT-form factor motherboard. Sports Z80 processor running on up to 21 MHz, 4 MB of RAM IDE controller, AT keyboard interface, serial port and two 8bit ISA slots. The most clever part is the Altera FPGA thanks to which Sprinter can become not only classic Speccy, but also one of the more advanced Russian clones and the best of 'em all – the Sprinter. Nothing however prevents you from turning it into just about anything Z80-based youreslf – the docs are freely available to all developers. Comes from Russia with lotta usefull software on a CD as well as all the cabling. Go on and check it out here.
Similar achievement has been recently made in the Commodore scene – it's called the C-One.
 fact file
SAM Coupé
Year: 1991
Tech stuff:
Processor Z80B 6MHz, RAM 256–512 KB (fully addressed by hardware), 1 or 2 floppy drives, SAA sound chip, MIDI, graphics up to 512x256, professional keyboard.
» This range of home computers practically started the home computing revolution—Clive Sinclair (not sir yet) gave people an affordable computer under 100 quid, surpasing the costly chipset performing graphics, sound and I/O functions with a single, custom made chip, known as the ULA, the blessing and curse of the Speccy community ever since. Many clones were manufactured as well as hacked together by hobbyists all over the world, starting with the licenced US based Timex, expanded versions were built by Amstrad after the company took over the Sinclair Research. Most of the clones were however built without license like Didaktik (Czechoslovakia/Slovakia), extended versions Pentagon and Scorpion (USSR/Russia), Speccy-based projects apeared even in the UK (Sam Coupé) but also in Russia (Sprinter).
» The scene is striving, new developments abound—it is quite common these days to connect not only floppy disk controllers or RAM expansions, but also IDE drives, sound interfaces, etc. The community is however a bit on the conservative side, so no sign of a more serious operating system like those on Amstrad CPC or Commodore 64 are really on the horizon.
 classic spectrum

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WOS - World of Spectrum [eng] The official world archive for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum. An awesome software catalogue section with many of the titles available to download. [eng] Czech Spectrum active users' web site in English. Archives the Czech ZX Magazín, hosts several other sites like CI5.
Planet Sinclair [eng] Facts and history of uncle Clive's enterprises and inventions, from calculators to automotive industry.
The Best 50 Games [cz] Lists the best 50 Spectrum games ever. In Czech.
Spectrum Emulation Guide [eng] A user's guide to emulating ZX Spectrum mainly in the Windows environment.
SpeccyWeb [cz] An active forum maintained by and for developers. The source for the MB-Commander (the Norton Commander-like file manager for the MB-02+ disk controller), the Fast Commander and BS-DOS. In Czech only. [eng] ZX demo scene news. A lively, active place to go if you wanna know...
ZX Spectrum DIY [eng] DIY haredware projects like IDE interface, floppy controller, Smart Media controller, ROM switch, flash EPROM replacement for ROM and much, much more...
AAA ZX Spectrum Games [cz] Website packed full of games to download, loadsa information, pokes, gaming instructions, maps, pictures and a ton of links.
Sintech [ger][eng] World-wide distributor of hardware and software for ZX Spectrum and Spectrum-based systems
Classic 8bit Computers – Sinclair [eng] A collection of usefull FAQs, Usenet group links, online documentation. Sections dedicated to other classic platforms.
X-agon [eng] A nice web-site with bunch of usefull links, a live forum and a choice to view the front page in KDE or Win95 style :-)
KVL Software Production [cz] The software team active between 1990 and 1995, responsible for games like Flappy, Alien Demo, Orion, Boovie etc. Offers download of the aforementioned in .TAP format.
Fuxoft [cz][eng] An ego-site of one of the nestors of Czech Speccy scene, Frantisek Fuka.
Crazytronic [cz] A Czech demo-group's site, probably quite dead now (last update in 2000) but with a really nice download section.
MTs [cz] Useful stuff for ZX Spectrum / Didactic / D40 / D80, some downloads (Art Studio, DTPressor, DTP Menu...), technical info and bunch of useful links.
Secarica ZX Zone [eng] A nice indeed site with lotta useful information and downloads like Art Studio +3...
Sinclair Page [eng] A nice overview of the SInclair hardware, a tech fact sheet and a few links.
Gamestage [eng] Games for the good ol' Speccy, forums
Demo.Design [ru] Russian demo group
Sinclair Nostalgia Products [eng] A nice site indeed, although not quite fresh. Good collection of info about Speccy clones including Sprinter's predecessors.
The ZX-News Site [ru] A Russian only web site, hosting many others. Not quite frequented lately, yet full of content if you read the language.
Philip Kendall – The SInclair Spectrum [eng] Home of the Fuse – the free Unix Spectrum emulator. Also a collection of variuos usefull utilities and a collection of Speccy ROM images.
Speccy4ever [eng] A bit confusingly looking site, containing however plenty of useful and interesting info including hardware projects worth seeing. Archives all kinds of ZX ROMs.
Erik's Spectrum Pages [eng] Home of the XZX emulator for Unix, ZxLink and a modest Speccy collection.
ESpectrum [sp] Spanish home of the ZX Spectrum. Up-to-date, with many useful links.
Anestis World [eng] A World of Spectrum-hosted site of the Greek Speccy community.
Codemasters [eng][ru] The legendary programers group responsible for many famous Speccy games.
Snapsearch [eng] A powerfull search engine for everything Speccy-related
ZX Planet [eng] Regularly updated site – games, utils, covers, remakes, cheats, demos etc.

The C64 Banner Exchange
The C64 Banner Exchange

 sam coupé

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SAM Coupé Center [eng] The Last ZX Spectrum descendant computer in official production. The website, created and maintained by one of the original SAM software developers lists many usefull and essential links.
Mnemotech [eng] SAM Coupé usefull info and downloads. Page aparently dead since 2000.
Klub Kapsa [cz] The very first "SAM user group" in the Czech Republic. There is a mystical connection between Kapsa and this web-site.
The SimCoupé Zone [eng]  Useful technical info on SAM hardware, information and downloads of SAM emulator.
Lars SAM Coupé Pages [eng]  Bunch of SAM games to download, as well as some +128 conversions.
Blinky's SAM Coupé Page [eng] Some SAM tech information, nifty software to download and a bunch of links...
Chris White's SAM Archive [eng] One of the SAM's gurus. Loadsa stuff to download including Prince of Persia and Lemmings.
SimCoupé [eng] The official home of the SimCoupé SAM emulator for DOS, Windows, Linux, BeOS, MacOS and QNX.
SPC Köln [ger][eng] Spectrum & SAM users' club based in Cologne, Germany. Links, software downloads etc.
Your Sinclair' SAM Articles Archives [eng] The infamous Your Sinclair magazine's articles on SAM Coupé. Check it out!
PodLand [eng] Some docs, links and downloads – mainly Simon Cooke's PD disks.
SAM Coupé Scrapbook [eng] Essential and background information on SAM Coupé – history, people, technical data etc.
SAM-Coupé [eng] A very comprehensive, although not too up-to-date site. Loads of usefull stuff including an FTP software archive.
Quazar [eng] Colin Piggot's home of the Quazar Surround intrface as well as other hardware (Compact Flash interface, C64 SID etc.) and the SAM REVIVAL magazine – still being published!

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Peters Plus [eng][ru] The developer and manufacturer of the latest, most advanced Speccy clone, the Sprinter. Site contains ecellent support, many links as well as forums both in English and Russian, frequently attended by the developers.
RusSell [eng] Looking for an old Russian Speccy clone to complete a collection? This is the place! Also if you wanna buy just about anything else Russian...
Shaos [eng][ru] Home of Sprint, the Sprinter emulator which comes free under GNU licence, together with some software to demonstarte its perfection. Also home to the Sprinter SDK.
 sinclair QL

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Sinclair QL Homepage [eng] All essential information on Sinclair QL – PD software, list of QL books, emulators etc.
Quanta [eng] THE newsletter / mailing list for the QL community
NESQLUG [eng] The New England Sinclair QL Users Group.
Q40 & Q60 Homepage [eng] Makers of the Motorola 68040 and 68060 based clone (mainboard) of the QL, still being manufactured and available! Running QDOS, SMSQ/E and Linux.
Thiery Godefroy's Sinclair QL and QDOS Compatible 
Systems site
All essential info on SInclair QL as well as later clones (Thor, QXL, Q40, Q60), emulators, latest news, lins, BBSs, QL users on the Net, downloads and much more.
FWD Computing [eng] A brief page on Sinclair QL and Z88 with few useful links
Q Branch [eng] A U.K. supplier of software for QL and clones under QDOS and SMSQ operating systems. Also carries used hardware. Lists numerous useful links.
ClubQL International [eng] A (presumably) monthly newsletter for the QL community. Doesn't seem quite up-to-date though.
Davide Santacharia's 
Web Page
Links, news, QL life in Italy (QL Italian Meeting), mailing lists, software downloads, emulators
QLAY [eng] Sinclair QL emulator for Win95, DOS and Linux. QL ROMs available here as well.
Quo Vadis Design [eng] Some downloadable software for QDOS/SMSQE, mailing list.
Sinclair QL Support Page [ger][eng] Hardware and software info on add-ons, upgrades etc, QPC – the QL emulator (commercial software) and more. 
PROGS [eng] Commercial software for the Sinclair QL and clones running one of the more up-to-date OSs.
Marcel Kilgus' Site [eng] Information and news on the QPC emulator (commercial software), SMSQ/E etc.
Jochen Mertz Software [ger][eng] German based distributor of the SMSQ/E operating system for the QL and clones, Atari ST/TT and PC.
Daria [eng] Some QDOS/SMSQ software – PERL language and a bunch of scripts, TCP/IP related solutions, GhostScript, many GNU ported utilities and of course links.
Richard Zidlicky's 
Home Page
Not too fresh, this page concentrates mainly on Linux on a QL. Many links to docs on all kinds of things.
Dave Walker's 
Home Page
C68 compiler for QDOS and some other platforms. Last updated January 2002.
 cambridge computers z88

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Rakewell [eng] Rakewell still stocks Z88s – not only used, but also new ones! Loads of info, accessories, links. A must-visit place for any enthusiast or user.
Running in the Dark [eng] A tool for connecting Z88 to a PC, transfer files etc.
Cambridge Computer Z88 [eng] Usefull utilities, info, docs and links for any serious Z88 user
Z88Serve [eng] A Win95/NT utility which provides a file server for Z88.

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Spectrum Emulation Guide [eng] A user's guide to emulating ZX Spectrum mainly in the Windows environment. [cz] A Speccy section of a Czech site dedicated to emulation. Not quite up-to-date yet full of usefull stuff.
 games and software downloads

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AAA ZX Spectrum Games [cz] Website packed full of ZX games to download.
WOS - World of Spectrum [eng] The official world archive for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum. An awesome software catalogue section with many of the titles available to download.
The .TZX Vault [eng] An archive of games in .TZX format, hosted by Retrogames.
ZX Spectrum Czech Games [eng][cz] A really dusty old site with a few Czech games for Spectrum and a bunch of links.
 magazines and user groups

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The CRASH Magazine [eng] On-line archive of the infamous British ZX Spectrum magazine published from 1984 till 1992.
SUMO - Sinclair User [eng] Sinclair User Magazine Online – archives of the UK based magazine published between 1982 and 1993.
T/SNUG [eng] Timex/Sinclair NorthAmerican User Groups. Lists U.S. websites for numerous Sinclair-related hardware including Timex, QL and Z88.
CI5 The Amaters [cz] A Czech demo group 
Ramsoft [eng] Another Spectrum demo group
ZX Magazín [cz] Archives of the Czech once-printed magazine. Now united with the X-Magazin  
K3L Corporation [cz][eng] And yet another Czech demo group.
SPC Köln [ger][eng] Spectrum & SAM users' club based in Cologne, Germany. Links, software downloads etc.
The Your Sinclair's Rock'n'Roll Years [eng] A totally unofficial site dedicated to the Your Sinclair magazine published between 1986 and 1993. A cool web indeed.
Quazar [eng] Colin Piggot's home of the Quazar Surround intrface as well as other hardware (Compact Flash interface, C64 SID etc.) and the SAM REVIVAL magazine – still being published!
Quanta [eng] THE newsletter / mailing list for the QL community
NESQLUG [eng] The New England Sinclair QL Users Group.
ClubQL International [eng] A (presumably) monthly newsletter for the QL community. Doesn't seem quite up-to-date though.
FIFO [sk] Download one or all issues of the Slovak Speccy-centered magazine

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The SE Basic Project [eng] The SE Basic Project aims to create a universal Open Source update to the SPectrum Basic to fix the bugs, improve the editor, and resolve hardware conflicts between various versions of the ZX Spectrum. The emphasis will be on maintaining compatibility with the majority of Spectrum software while allowing for platform independence. Site last updated in 2002.
Speccy Bob [eng] Ever wanted a Spectrum without ULA? Just check out this cool site and make yourself one!

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